Students of the FWM programme will be fortunate to be part of a close-knit class community within the Hong Kong Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences while also enjoying the wide range of facilities and services offered by the University of Hong Kong.


Small Programme

Intake for the Master of FWM programme will be limited to a select group of about 70 students. This will enable the class to foster a strong sense of fellowship, enriching the graduates’ life-long experience and enhancing their future professional network. The curriculum prioritizes teamwork through a compulsory retreat at the start of the programme and coursework throughout the year, building a strong bond amongst students. Students will also be encouraged to self-organize other extracurricular activities to further class camaraderie.


Big Campus

With 10 faculties and over 35,000 students , HKU boasts comprehensive facilities and student support services. For example, the university’s Main Library and six branch libraries house over 3.1 million volumes, 8.5 million e-books and 193,391 e-Journal titles, as of June 2022. As postgraduate students of HKU, FWM students will be able to take advantage of HKU’s University Health Service (“UHS”) as well as wellness facilities through the Centre for Sports and Exercise (“CSE”). We encourage our students to actively participate in the broader campus student groups such as the Postgraduate Student Association of the University of Hong Kong (HKU PGSA), which regularly hosts activities such as high table dinners, recruitment talks, social parties, musical performances, sports games, career building workshops, outdoor trips and lectures of special relevance to postgraduate life. Students should also take opportunities to interact with classmates in adjacent programmes such as those in the HKU Business School, the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Faculty of Arts.

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