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Why Does History Matter in Family Wealth Management?

Family wealth management is a multifaceted endeavor that extends beyond financial transactions and balance sheets. It involves a comprehensive understanding of familial dynamics, values, and the intricate tapestry of history woven through generations.

History plays a pivotal role in shaping the approach to wealth management within families, influencing decision-making processes, values transmission, and the preservation of legacy. Therefore, historical lessons enable family managers today to understand the present and plan for the future.

This essay explores five reasons why history matters in family wealth management.

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Media Article

Media Article | Professor Zhiwu Chen | Asian family offices switch focus as geopolitical risks rise (Financial Times)

The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (“IHSS”) Institute Director Zhiwu Chen recently shared his views with the Financial Times on the changing asset allocation preferences of wealthy Chinese families.

“The wealth management sector, buoyed by the expansion of family offices, has remained surprisingly vibrant, says Zhiwu Chen, professor of finance at Hong Kong University Business School.
‘During the past two years, many billionaires have moved their family offices to Hong Kong, so they can manage their investments globally.’ ”

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Webinar Replay on HKU’s Master of Family Wealth Management Programme

Watch the replay to our admissions webinar that took place on Dec 18, 2023. In the webinar, IHSS Director Professor Zhiwu Chen, FWM Programme Director Ms Bonnie Leung, and IHSS Associate Professor Dr John D Wong gave a detailed introduction of the programme’s philosophy, curriculum, and key features.

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